Hotmail SMTP Settings

Emails can only be sent if the Hotmail SMTP settings are correct. This is because Hotmail SMTP settings tell users how to send emails. The interesting thing is these SMTP settings are only required while sending email. To be able to receive emails users need to make sure their Hotmail POP3 settings are correct.

Hotmail SMTP server settings

Hotmail SMTP Server:

Hotmail SMTP Username: Here the user needs to put their Hotmail email address, For eg:

Hotmail SMTP Port: 587

Hotmail SMTP TLS/SSL Required: YES

Hotmail SMTP settings for iPhone

Follow these simple steps:

  1. From the menu click on the Settings option
  2. Click on add account > other > “Add Mail Account”
  3. Type in your email address, your name, password and click on “Next”.

You are supposed to be done, if not you can try the following steps:

  1. Incoming mail server:
  2. Username: Enter your complete email address
  3. Password: Enter your password
  4. On the SSL option select “On”
  5. Next, they will ask you for authentication, you will need to enter your password here.
  6. Port number is 587

After completing the steps above, click on Done. You will need to set all other SMTP servers to “off”.

Now go back to your settings option and select “advanced” and select the following incoming settings.

  1. SSL: On
  2. Next for authentication users must put in their passwords.
  3. Port number is 995

After completing the steps above, click on Done.

Window Live Hotmail Exchange Server ActiveSync Settings

Active Sync server address:

Active Sync Domain: You do not need to type anything here, leave it blank.

Username: You are required to enter your email address here. For eg: jane@hotmail. com or

Password: Your Hotmail or live accounts password

TLS/SSL encryption: Select the “Yes” option.

Hotmail SMTP Server for iPad

To set up Hotmail SMTP setting on your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Select the mail icon on your background
  2. Go to Mail, Contact, Calendars and click on “Add Account”
  3. Next, go to ‘Other’ at the bottom of the account types list. Next, click ‘Add Mail Account’
  4. Type in your name and Hotmail information
  5. Make sure you are using your full email address
  6. Click on the Save button


In this, they use standard server settings.

Incoming Mail Server for Hotmail:
Outgoing Mail Server for Hotmail SMTP:
Make sure you enter your full email address in Username

From ‘Settings’, click on ‘Hotmail Accounts’, then go to ‘Advanced’ and set these options:
Remove: How often deleted messages are removed.
Use SSL: Set it to yes.
Authentication: Enter your password
Delete from server: Decides whether mails should be kept or deleted from Hotmail servers.
Server Port: Standard ports are used here. 995 for the Hotmail pop3 server, and 587 for the Hotmail SMTP server.

In case these settings don’t work, you can try disabling SSL and setting the Hotmail SMTP server to 25.

Hotmail SMTP settings for marketing is not the best

If you think of these settings from a marketeer’s perspective, it may not be the wisest option.

In marketing you may need to send out email communications to mass emails, this is not the best option as Hotmail has a limit of 100 mails per day. To make this work you will need to have many accounts which may not be impossible but to manage so many accounts it is very difficult. Sometimes when you are sending out many emails at once, your emails may not even reach the inbox of those who you are sending the email to because they will go to spam mails.

Some better options are iContact, AWeber, Rent-A-List. You have a variety of options for templates and lots of other tools to ensure your email campaigns are a success.